Accrington FC

One of twelve founder members of the Football League, the ‘Owd Reds’ founded in 1878 faced Wolves on ten occasions in league competition and once in the FA Cup. Wolves biggest win came on 14 September 1891. The match itself may at first not look that important, but Jack Heath’s second-half strike was the first ever penalty netted in the Football League. In November 1892 all eight goals were netted by just two players, Joe Butcher netted all five for Wolves and John Kirkham netted a hat-trick for Accrington. Sammy Thomson whilst making his debut Accrington netted again Wolves on 24 October 1891. 

Football League
1888/89 (FL) W 4-0 D 4-4
1889/90 (FL) W 2-1 L 3-6
1890/91 (FL) W 3-0 W 2-1
1891/92 (FL) W 5-0 L 2-3
1892/93 (1) W 5-3 L 0-4


FA Cup
1890/91 (2) Away W 3-2
Football League debut

Harry Wood, Bill Oldershaw, George Swift.

Associated with both clubs

Sammy Thomson.