Arsenal (a) 1979/80

Saturday 29 September 1979 at Highbury (Att 41,844)

Wolves (2) 3 (Hibbitt 18, Gray 27 71): Bradshaw, Palmer, Parkin, Daniel, Hughes, Berry, Hibbitt, Carr, Gray, Richards, Eves, sub Brazier.
Arsenal (0) 2 (Stapleton 48, Hollins 79): Jennings, Rice, Nelson, Talbot (Price), Walford, Young, Brady, Sunderland, Stapleton, Hollins, Rix.

Referee: Mr R. Challis (Kent).
Order of Goals: W,W,a,W,a.
Shirts: Emlyn Hughes had to change his shirt shortly before half-time after the Referee noticed that both he and George Berry were wearing the number six.
Landmark: Kenny Hibbitt makes his 400th senior appearance. Frank Stapleton’s goal is the 10300 netted in all Wolves Football League fixtures. Andy’s Gray’s second effort is the 5100 Away goal in all Wolves Football League matches.
Position: 6th.