Aston Villa (a) 1896/97

Monday 19 April 1897 at Perry Barr (Att 35,000)
Wolves (0) 0: Tennant, Eccles, Fleming, Griffiths, Owen, Malpass, Tonks, McMain, Beats, Smith, Miller.
Aston Villa (1) 5 (J.Cowan 5, Devey 47, J.Cowan 50, Campbell*, Campbell 86): Whitehouse, Spencer, Evans, Reynolds, J.S.Cowan, Burton, Athersmith, Devey, Campbell, Wheldon, J.Cowan.

Referee: Mr T. Armitt (Leek).
Push-Bike: This match took place in conjunction with a Cycle Tournament.
Attendance: It is said the crowd of 35,000 was, at the time, the biggest ever seen in Birmingham.
Position: 10th.