Aston Villa (a) 1892/93

Monday 3 April 1893 at Perry Barr (Att 6,000)
Wolves (0) 0: Halsall, Dunn, Swift, Davies, Allen, Kinsey, Topham, Wykes, Butcher, Wood, Griffin.
Aston Villa (2) 5 (Hodgetts*, Cowan*, Woolley*, Brown*, Hodgetts*): Dunning, Baird, Ebvans, Burton, Jas Cowan, Dowds, Athersmith, A.Brown, J.Devey, Hodgetts, Woolley.

Newspaper: Some reports have Devey as netting Villa’s second.
Cup: Before kick-off the FA Cup was given a lap of honour around the pitch.
Injury: Due to the seriousness of Billy Rose’s injury at Burnley before kick-off Wolves had to announce that he had not passed away.
Hospitality: After the match both clubs dined together at Colonnade Hotel in Birmingham.
Position: 13th.