Aston Villa (H) 1980/81

Saturday 28 February 1980 at Molineux (Att 34,693)
Wolves (0) 0: Bradshaw, Palmer, Parkin, Daniel (Bell 22), McAlle, Berry, Hibbitt, Carr, Gray, Richards, Eves.
Aston Villa (0) 1 (Withe 83): Rimmer, Swain, Williams, Evans, McNaught, Mortimer, Bremner, Shaw, Withe, Cowans, Morley, sub Gibson.

Referee: Mr J. Worrall (Warrington).
Injury: Peter Daniel had his leg broken in the 18th minute in a two footed tackle from Tony Morley. Physio John Malam didn’t realise it had been broken and Daniel played on.
Television: Match shown on Star Soccer.
Position: 18th.