Small Heath (a) 1894/95 BC

Birmingham Cup (Replay) Wednesday 6 March 1895 at Muntz Street

Wolves (1) 2 (Butcher 15, Butcher*): Halsall, Baugh, Sunn, Griffiths, Malpass, Wood, Wykes, Black, Butcher, Fleming, Tonks.
Small Heath (1) 3 (Mobley*, Jones*, Wheldon*): Watson, Purves, Oliver, Ollis, Jenkins, E.Devey, Jones, Walton, Mobley, Fountain, Wheldon.

Referee: Mr Armitt (Leek).
Order of Goals: W,s,s,s,W.
Reduced: Wolves played the whole of the second half with the Griffiths due to a knee injury.