Small Heath (H) 1896/97 BC

Birmingham Cup (Second Round) Saturday 6 February 1897 at Molineux (Att 4,000)
Wolves (5) 8 (Miller*, Wood*, Beats*, Wood*, Smith*, Miller*, Beats*, Beats*): Tennant, Bunch, Fleming, Griffiths, Malpass, Owen, Tonks, Wood, Beats, Smith, Miller.
Small Heath (1) 2 (Hare*, Hodgetts*): Pointer, Lester, Pratt, Dunlop, Leake, Walton, Inglis, Robertson, Hare, Hodgetts, Oakes.

Order of Goals: W,W,W,s,W,W,s,W,W,W.
Penalty: Awarded with Wolves already 8-2 up was taken by Billy Owen and saved by Ernest Pointer.
Injury: Small Heath were reduced to ten men at half-time with the withdrawal of Thomas Oakes.