Blackburn Rovers (a) 1894/95

Saturday 23 March 1895 at Ewood Park (Att 5,000)

Wolves (1) 1 (Edge 1): Hassall, Baugh, Dunn, Nurse, Malpass, Crump, Wykes, Black, Edge, Wood, Griffin.
Blackburn Rovers (2) 5 (Gordon 31, Killean 42, Anderson 79, Chippendale 83 90): Ogilvie, Brandon, Murray, Dewar, Anderson, Clehhorn, Gordon, Whitehead, Hargreaves, Killean, Chippendalestyle.

Order of Goals: W,b,b,b,b,b.
Time: The Referee blew for half-time five minutes early but play was resumed when his mistake was pointed out.
Landmark: Winston Crump makes his Football League debut.
Position: 10th.