Blackburn Rovers (H) 1892/93

Saturday 10 September 1892 at Molineux (Att 5,000)
Wolves (1) 4 (Baugh*, Wykes*, Wood*, Wood*): Halsall, Baugh, Swift, Davies, Allen, Kinsey, Wykes, Baker, Devey, Wood, Johnston.
Blackburn Rovers (1) 2 (Chippendale*, Chippendale*): Pennington, Murray, Forbes, Almond, Dewar, Forrest, Chippendale, Sawyers, Southworth, Walton, Hall.

Referee: Mr T. Armitt (Leek).
Order of Goals: W,b,b,W,W,W.
Injury: Rose missed this match as he had been bit by a dog the day before.
Landmark: Josh Hassall makes his Football League debut.
Newspaper: Local papers suggest Wolves first goal was rushed through by Heath and Johnson.
Position: 3rd.