Bolton Wanderers (a) 1890/91

Monday 29 December 1890 at Pike’s Lane (Att 4,000)
Wolves (0) 0: Rose, Baugh, C.Mason, Fletcher, Allen, Davies, Wykes, Worrall, Thomson, Wood, Booth.
Bolton Wanderers (3) 6 (Turner*, McNee*, Gardiner*, McNee*, McNee*, Cassidy*): Sutcliffe, Somerville, Jones, Paton, Gardiner, Roberts, Barbour, Brogan, Cassidy, McNee, Turner.

Referee: Mr T. Mitchell (Blackburn).
Rearrangement: This match was originally scheduled for 20 December but was postponed because of snow.
Protest: After the match, Wolves made an official complaint about the state of the pitch. It had been protected by hay and lay under a sprinkling of sand.
The Law: The day after this match a man aged thirty-seven from Bolton, was executed at the ‘Gaol’ in Liverpool for the murder of a twenty-three year old female.
Position: 2nd.