Bolton Wanderers (a) 1957/58

Wednesday 4 September 1957 at Burnden Park (Att 22,938)
Wolves (1) 1 (Deeley 26): Finlayson, Stuart, Harris, Clamp, Wright, Flowers, Deeley, Broadbent, Murray, Booth, Mullen.
Bolton Wanderers (1) 1 (Stevens 9): Hopkinson, Hartle, G.Edwards, Hennin, Higgins, Bell, Birch, Stevens, Allcock, Parry, Holden

Referee: Mr L.Howarth (Beverley).
Order of Goals: b,W.
Penalty: Awarded three minutes into the second-half for handball against Ron Flowers and twice taken by Gordon Edwards. He scored from his first attempt, but the referee order it to be retaken and from his second attempt he put it over the bar.
Position: 5th.