Bristol Rovers (a) 1985/86

Tuesday 25 March 1986 at Eastville (3,378)

Wolves (1) 1 (Mutch 5): Barrett, Eli, Palmer, Streete, Zelem, Purdie, Lockhart, Holmes, Mutch, D.Edwards, Chapman, sub Dougherty.
Bristol Rovers (1) 1 (Morgan 35p): Green, Jones, Bater, Tanner, Parkin, Spring (Scales 71), Francis, Penrice, Morgan, White, O’Connor.

Referee: Mr A. Robinson (Waterlooville, Hampshire).
Order of Goals: W,b.
Penalty: Awarded for a foul by Peter Zelem on Steve White.
Sent-off: Streete 42 (violent conduct).
Booked: Francis 50.
Cancellation: This match originally scheduled for 15th February was postponed because of bad weather.
Position: 24th.