Bristol Rovers (H) 1985/86

Tuesday 17 September 1986 at Molineux (3,244)

Wolves (2) 3 (Edwards 3, King 20 88p): Flowers, Stoutt, Barnes, Clarke, Hazell (Ryan 70), Ainscow, Morrissey, Cartwright, N.Edwards, King, Cranie.
Bristol Rovers (1) 4 (Randall 30, Badock 50 85, White 83): Vaughan, Scales, Bater, Francis, Parkin, Jones, Badock, O’Connor, Randall, Penrice, White, sub Spring.

Referee: Mr D. Shaw (Crewe).
Order of Goals: W,W,b,b,b,b,W.
Booked: Stoutt 33, Clarke 41, Francis 65.
Injury: On loan Bob Hazel was stretchered off after 70 minutes and taken straight to hospital for an emergency operation on a ruptured Achilles tendon.
Landmark: This was Bristol Rovers first win of the season and their first goals in five matches.
Position: 24th.