Burnley (a) 1896/97

Saturday 20 March 1897 at Turf Moor (Att 3,000)
Wolves (1) 3 (Beats 33 50, Miller 81): Tennant, Fleming, Wood, Griffiths, Owen, Malpass, Tonks, McMain, Beats, Smith, Miller.
Burnley (0) 0: Haddow, Reynolds, McLintock, W.Place ‘snr’, Longair, Taylor, Morrison, Black, Robertson, W.Place ‘jnr’, Ferguson.

Referee: Mr A. Kingscott (Derby).
Penalties: Wolves spot-kick was awarded against Joe Taylor for handball and saved by Davie Haddow with the game goalless. Burnley’s Tom McLintock hit the crossbar with his effort midway through the second-half.
Injury: Midway through the second-half Wolves were reduced to ten men after Hillary Griffiths was injured and left blooded after being hit by a large peace of clinker thrown from the crowd. The assailant made a get away but was stopped from getting away by a number of home supporters.
Landmark: Burnley’s Willie Ferguson was making his Football League debut.
Position: 13th.