Bury (H) 1902/03

Saturday 20 December 1902 at Molineux (Att 4,000)
Wolves (2) 3 (Haywood 15 27, Fellows 68): Baddeley, Jones, Betteley, Whitehouse, Walker, Annis, Fellows, Haywood, Smith, Wooldridge, Miller.
Bury (1) 2 (Sagar 40 60): Monteith, Lindsay, McEwan, Johnston, Leeming, Ross, Richards, Wood, Sagar, Berry, Plant.

Order of Goals: W,W,b,b,W.
Penalties: After just six minutes, Smith was just finishing off a fine move by Wolves by putting the ball in the net when he was fouled. Although he scored the Referee ordered a spot-kick, a kick that Jones put wide. Wolves second penalty in the thirty-eighth minute was awarded for a trip on Hayward. Walker took this one and Monteith tipped the ball, over the bar.
Equalizer: Bury’s second goal came with Wolves down to ten men. Wood had just gone back into the changing rooms putting on a clean jersey.
Position: 11th.