Bury (H) 1912/13

Saturday 15 February 1913 at Molineux (Att 4,000)
Wolves (1) 3 (Parsonage 7, Groves 55 65): Peers, Collins, Smart, Price, Young, Bishop, Harrison, Groves, Parsonage, Needham, Brooks.
Bury (0) 1 (Cameron 85): McDonald, Fenner, Millington, Perry, Humphreys, Goldie, Connor, Peake, Cameron, Smith, Duffy.

Referee: Mr L. Bulllimor (Northampton).
Order of Goals: W,W,W,b.
Weather: Due to the bleak conditions the kick-off took place fifteen minutes before the scheduled time. There was also no half-time interval due to the heavy fog.
Landmark: Albert Groves makes his 100th League appearance for Wolves.
Position: 7th.