Cambridge United (a) 1980/81 FLC

Football League Cup (Second Round, First Leg) Tuesday 26 August 1980 at Abbey Stadium (Att 7,234)
Wolves (0) 1 (Daniel 51p): Bradshaw, Palmer, Brazier, Daniel, Hughes, Berry, Hibbitt (Clarke*), Carr, Gray, Richards, Eves.
Cambridge United (1) 3 (Reilly 12 76, Finney 90): Webster, Donaldson, Murray, Smith, Fallon, Gibbons, Streete, Spriggs, Reilly, Finney, Christie (O’Neill).

Referee: Mr R. Challis (Tonbridge).
Order of Goals: c,W,c,c.
Penalty: Awarded against Linsdey Smith for pushing Andy Gray in the back.

Second Leg