Chelsea (a) 1953/54

Saturday 13 February 1954 at Stamford Bridge (Att 60,276)
Wolves (1) 2 (Swinbourne 20, Wilshaw 65): Williams, Short, Pritchard, Slater, Shorthouse, Wright, Hancocks, Flowers, Swinbourne, Wilshaw, Mullen.
Chelsea (2) 4 (Bentley 50s 68, Parsons 16, Stubbs 62): Thomson, Harris, Willemse, Armstrong, Greenwood, D.Saunders, Parsons, McNichol, Bentley, Stubbs, Blunstone.

Referee: Mr J. Clough (Bolton).
Order of Goals: c,c,W,c,W,c.
Youth Team: Wolves youngsters, playing in the Birmingham & District League beat Halesowen 11-0 with Joe Bonson netting six on this day.
Position: 2nd.