Chelsea (a) 1959/60

Saturday 30 April 1959 at Stamford Bridge (Att 61,597)
Wolves (3) 5 (Murray 19, Flowers 30p, Broadbent 43, Horne 54 69): Finlayson, Showell, Harris, Clamp, Slater, Flowers, Deeley, Stobart, Murray, Broadbent, Horne.
Chelsea (1) 1 (Tindall 6): Matthews, J.Sillett, P.Sillett, Anderson, Mortimore, Crowther, Brabrook, Greaves, Tindall, Brooks, Blunstone.

Referee: Mr M.Jordan (Leicester).
Order of Goals: c,W,W,W,W,W.
Penalty: Awarded for handball against John Sillett.
Championship: Wolves lost the grip on the League title two days after this match with Burnley’s 2-1 win at Manchester City to take there only title by a single point.
Position: 1st.