Chester City FC

Chester City football club were formed in 1885 as Chester FC. They became Chester City in 1983 and went out of business in 2010. The ‘Seals’ were members of the Football League 1931 to 2000 and 2004 to 2009. The new Chester FC were formed in 2010.

Football League
1988/89 (3) W 3-1 D 1-1
FA Cup
1976/77 (5) Home W 1-0
FL Cup
2005/06 (1) Home W 5-1
War Years
1941/42 (LCQ) Home W 2-1
(LCQ) Away W 3-1
(LC1/1) Home W 3-1
(LC1/2) Away W 1-0
1943/44 (FLC/SC) L 0-4 W 3-1
1944/45 (FLC/SC) W 6-1 W 4-0

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Associated with both clubs

Jimmy Alderton, Viv Aston, George Ashall, Ted Anderson, Jock Basford, Michael Branch, Bill Bryant, Tommy Burden, Paul Butler, Bill Coley, Bob Coy, Keith Curle, Tony Dinning, Ted Elliott, George Elokobi, Chris Evans, John Evans, Royston Evans, David Felgate, Johnny Hancocks, John Harris, Paul Harrison, Ron Hewitt, Dennis Isherwood, Chris Iwelumo, Arthur Keeley, Jimmy Kelly, Ray King, Tancy Lea, Bernard McCarthy, Gerry Mannion, Darren Oldroyd, Fred Pincott, Bill Prendergast, Adam Proudlock, David Reed, Cyrille Regis, Norman Roberts, John Ruddy, Mike Stowell, Graham Turner, John Turner, Trevor Walters, Guy Wharton, Ernie Whittam, Arthur Wilson, Ernie Whittam, David Wintersgill, Dick Yates, Peter Zelem.