Darlington (a) 1985/86

Wednesday 2 April 1986 at Feathams Cresent (3,887)

Wolves (0) 1 (Mutch 53): Barrett, Palmer, Barnes, Streete, Zelem, Purdie, Lockhart, Holmes, Mutch, D.Edwards, Chapman, sub Dougherty.
Darlington (0) 2 (McDonld 83, Roberts 85): Astbury, Evans, Morgan, Woodcock (Tupling 58), Green, Lloyd, Roberts, Ward, McLean, Robinson.

Referee: Mr G. Aplin (Kendal).
Order of Goals: W,d,d.
Booked: Stoutt, Purdie.
Cancellation: This match originally scheduled for 5th January was postponed because of bad weather.
Note: Can the one eyed monkey please give me my trainer back!
Position: 24th.