Darwen FC

Darwen were formed in 1870 and were FA Cup semi-finalist in 1881. The were founder member of the Football Alliance in 1889 and elected to the Football League in 1891. A year later they failed to get re-election to the First Division but were founder members of the new Second Division. They were promoted in 1893 but were relegated from the top division just twelve months later. They resigned from the Football League in 1899. Wolves faced Darwen for the first time at Molineux on 28 September 1891. The return at Barley Bank in March 1892 saw Wolves successful. At Molineux in September 1893 Wolves won 2-1 and the last League meeting came at Barry Bank on 10 March 1894 saw a one and only victory for the Lancastrians over Wolves. Wolves faced Darwen in a third round FA Cup tie on 18 February 1893 and ran out comfortable winners thanks to five second-half goals. The 2 February 1895 saw Wolves traveled to Darwen for a first round tie and come away with a goalless draw. The replay at Molineux saw a two goal Wolves win.

Football League
1891/92 (FL) D 2-2 W 4-1
1893/94 (1) W 2-1 L 1-3
FA Cup
1892/93 (3) Home W 5-0
1894/95 (1) Away D 0-0
(R) Home W 2-0
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Herbert BaileyNorman Bell.