Derby County (H) 1890/91

Saturday 11 October 1890 at Molineux (Att 3,000)
Wolves (5) 5 (Wykes*, Brodie*, Brodie*, Wood*, Thomson*): Rose, Baugh, C.Mason, Fletcher, Allen, Brodie, Wykes, Booth, Thomson, Wood, Bowdler.
Derby County (1) 1 (McLachlan 4): Haddow, Hopkins, Ferguson, Williamson, Walker, Roulston, McLachlan, Daft, J.Goodall, A.Goodall, Holmes.

Order of Goals: d,W,W,W,W,W.
Landmark: Derby’s Thomas Daft makes his debut.
History: The day before this match an article in a local newspaper, states seventy year old Florence Nightingale, is said to be the ‘Queen of the Nursing world’.
Position: 2nd.