Everton (a) 1938/39

Saturday 8 October 1938 at Goodison Park (Att 36,681)

Wolves (0) 0: Scott, Morris, Taylor, Galley, Cullis, Gardiner, Burton, McIntosh, Westcott, Thompson, Maguire.
Everton (1) 1 (Lawton 28): Sagar, Jackson, Greenhalph, Mercer, Jones, Thomson, Barber, Bentham, Lawton, Cunliffe, Boyes.

Referee: Dr A. Barton (Repton).
Injuries: Both Stan Cullis and Everton’s Stan Bentham were carried off. Cullis went off unconscious and Bentham received two stitched in his lip.
International: Everton were missing Billy Cook for Scotland, and Tory Gillick and Alex Stevenson for Ireland, all three were on International duty at Windsor Park.
Landmark: Everton’s Arthur Barber makes his League debut.
Position: 14th.