Everton (H) 1889/90

Monday 16 September 1889 at Molineux (Att 2,000)
Wolves (1) 2 (Knight*, Worrall*): Rose, Baugh, C.Mason, Fletcher, Allen, Lowder, Knight, Perry, Wykes, Wood, Booth.
Everton (1) 1 (Parry*): Smalley, Hannah, Doyle, Weir, Holt, Farmer, Latta, Parry, Geary, Chadwick, Milward.

Sent-off: Doyle & Wykes (second-half for fighting).
Injuries: Everton’s James Weir broke his arm just above the wrist and Andrew Hannah broke a finger.
Order of Goals: e,W,W.
Position: 1st.