Everton (H) 1938/39

Wednesday 22 February 1939 at Molineux (Att 39,734)

Wolves (3) 7 (Westcott 3 85, Dorsett 26 33 48 77, McIntosh 53): Scott, Morris, Taylor, Galley, Cullis, Gardiner, Mullen, McIntosh, Westcott, Dorsett, Maguire.
Everton (0) 0: Morton, Cook, Greenhalph, Mercer, Jones, Thompson, Gillick, Lawton, Bell, Stevenson, Boyes.

Referee: Dr A. Burton (Repton).
League Status: Everton came to Molineux top of the league.
Landmark: Everton’s Tommy Lawton makes his 100th league appearance. He had made his League debut against Wolves in February 1937.
Ball: In the first minute of the second-half the ball had to be replaced after it burst.
Guests: Amongst the crown were many other club managers and the secretary of the Football League, Mr F.Howarth.
Position:  2nd.