Fulham (a) 1927/28

Saturday 4 February 1928 at Craven Cottage (Att 19,000)
Wolves (0) 0: Bryce, Watson, Fox, Baker, Pritchard, McDougall, R.Weaver, Bowen, Phillipson, Chadwick, Baxter.
Fulham (4) 7 (Elliott 13 41 46 65, McKenna 27, Craig 40, Temple 76): Beecham, Hebden, Gregory, Oliver, McNab, Barrett, Temple, Craig, Elliott, McKenna, Penn.

Referee: Mr J. Pennington (Reading).
League: Wolves and Fulham had equal points before the start of play.
Scorer: Some publications have Sid Elliott as netting three and Jimmy Temple as netting two.
Position: 21st.