Grimsby Town (a) 1912/13

Saturday 8 February 1913 at Blundell Park (Att 5,000)
Wolves (1) 1 (Brooks 33): Peers, Collins, Smart, Price, Young, Bishop, Harrison, Groves, Halligan, Parsonage, Brooks.
Grimsby Town (1) 2 (Rippon 16, Mayson*): Lonsdale, Wheelhouse, Arrowsmith, Andrews, Gordon, Martin, Staniforth, Rippon, Pickering, Mayson, Birch.

Referee: Mr J. Hall (Olton, Warks).
Order of Goals: g,W,g.
Landmark: Fred Price and Bert Smart of Wolves and Grimsby’s Frank Pickering all make their League debut’s.
Position: 7th.