Leeds United (a) 1957/58

Saturday 5 October 1957 at Elland Road (Att 28,635)
Wolves (1) 1 (Deeley 14): Finlayson, Stuart, Harris, Clamp, Wright, Flowers, Deeley, Broadbent, Wilshaw, Booth, Mullen.
Leeds United (1) 1 (Baird 4): Wood, Kerfoot, Ashall, Ginson, Charlton, Ripley, Meek, Crowe, Baird, Forrest, Overfield.

Referee: Mr K.Dagnall (Bolton).
Order of Goals: l,W.
Space: The day before this match and on the fiftieth anniversary of the Russian Revolution the Soviets launched a satellite ‘Sputnik’ into orbit around the Earth, beating the United States in the ‘space race’.
Position: 1st.