Liverpool (H) 1953/54

Monday 7 September 1953 at Molineux (Att 35,701)
Wolves (1) 2 (Swinbourne 31, Broadbent 88): Williams, Short, Pritchard, Slater, Shorthouse, Wright, Hancocks, Broadbent, Swinbourne, Wilshaw, Mullen.
Liverpool (0) 1 (Jackson 87): Crossley, Lambert, Spicer, Saunders, Hughes, Maloney, Jackson, Liddell, Bimpson, Jones, A’Court.

Referee: Mr K. Collinge (Sale).
Order of Goals: W,l,W.
Injury: Wolves played the last 67 minutes with only ten men after injury to Bill Slater.
Position: 3rd.