London Caledonian (H) 1912/13 FAC

FA Cup (First Round) Saturday 18 January 1913 at Molineux (Att 18,189)
Wolves (2) 3 (Halligan 11 32, Needham 80): Peers, Collins, Bishop, Groves, Young, Brookes, Harrison, Hedley, Halligan, Needham, Brooks.
London Caledonian (0) 1 (How 82): Mason, Burn, Ralston, Mitchell, How, Laughland, Melhuish, Nisbet, MacKay, Walton, Grant.

Referee: Mr H. Swift (Sheffield).
Order of Goals: W,W,W,l.
Weather: This match had been scheduled for the previous Saturday but had been postponed because of heavy snow. Wolves had wanted to play on the following Wednesday, but as the Caledonians were an Amateur side they had work commitments.
Season Record: As an Amateur side the Caledonians had played a number of friendlies during the season and had only been beaten once, to Southern League Queens Park Rangers.
Explorers: Captain Robert Scott reached the South Pole the day before this match.