Manchester City (a) 1965/66

Wednesday 25 August 1965 at Maine Road (Att 25,572)
Wolves (0) 1 (Knowles 88): MacLaren, Knighton, Thomson, Flowers, Woodfield, Miller, Wharton, Woodruff, McIlmoyle, Knowles, Wagstaffe, sub Holsgrove.
Manchester City (1) 2 (Miller 29og, Thomson 85og): Dowd, Bacuzzi, Connor, Doyle, Cheetham, Oakes, Summerbee, Crossan, Murray, Brand, Pardoe, sub Not known.

Referee: Mr P.Rhodes (York).
Order of Goals: m,m,W.
Honor: Dave Wagstaffe was given the honour of captaining Wolves for the day as he had played for Manchester City.
Position: 19th.