Manchester City (H) 1965/66

Monday 30 August 1965 at Molineux (Att 22,799)
Wolves (1) 2 (Wagstaffe 5, Woodruff 81): MacLaren, Thomson, Harris, Flowers, Woodfield, Miller, Wharton, Woodruff, McIlmoyle, Knowles, Wagstaffe, sub L.Wilson.
Manchester City (3) 4 (Murray 6, Crossan 8, Harris 36og, Doyle 89): Dowd, Bacuzzi, Sear, Doyle, Oakes, Kennedy, Summerbee (Cheetham 23), Crossan, Murray, Pardoe, Connor.

Referee: Mr D.W.G.Brady (Rotherham).
Order of Goals: W,m,m,m,W,m.
Sent-off: Woodfield 23 (violent conduct).
Injury: With play having stopped at the other end Dave Woodfield and Micky Summerbee having not herd the whistle chased the ball and after a collision Summerbee ‘landed’ in the Molineux Street Stand. As a result Summerbee went off with concussion and Woodfield was sent-off.
Position: 16th.