Manchester City (H) 1980/81

Saturday 18 April 1981 at Molineux (Att 17,371)
Wolves (1) 1 (Richards 1): Bradshaw, Humphrey, Parkin, Clarke (Teasdale), McAlle, Berry, Hibbitt, Atkinson, Bell, Richards, Moss.
Manchester City (1) 3 (Tueart 26, Bennett 53 85): Corrigan, Henry, McDonald, Booth, Power, Caton (Buckley), Bennett, Tueart, MacKenzie, Kinsey, Reeves.

Referee: Mr M. Scott (Nottingham).
Order of Goals: W,m,m,m.
Landmark: George Berry makes his 100th league appearance and Steve Kinsey makes his league debut.
Guest: Comedian and City supporter Eddie Large was present at this match.
Position: 17th.