Manchester United (a) 1957/58

Monday 21 April 1958 at Old Trafford (Att 33,267)
Wolves (1) 4 (Flowers 34, Clamp 61, Deeley 65, Broadbent 67p): Dwyer, Stuart, Jones, Clamp, Wright, Flowers, Deeley, Broadbent, Murray, Booth, Mullen.
Manchester United (0) 0: Gaskell, Faulkes, Greaves, Goodwin, Cope, McGuinness, Dawson, Brennan, Webster, Viollet, Morgan.

Referee: Mr A.E.Ellis (Halifax).
Penalty: Awarded for handball against Ron Cope.
Re-Arranged: This match had been postponed because of the Munish Air Disaster.
Position: 1st.