Manchester United (H) 1938/39

Saturday 18 March 1939 at Molineux (Att 31,498)

Wolves (0) 3 (Dorsett 72, Galley 74p, Steen 82): Scott, Morris, Taylor, Galley, Cullis, Goddard, Steen, McAloon, Westcott, Dorsett, Mullen.
Manchester United (0) 0: Breen, Redwood, Griffiths, Warner, Vose, Manley, Bryant, Wassall, Hanlon, Pearson, Rowley.

Referee: Mr R. Rudd (Kenton, Middlesex).
Penalty: Awarded for a foul on Dickie Dorsett.
Landmark: Alan Steen become the second sixteen year old makes his debut and play for Wolves this season. He did not know his parents had travelled down from there Liverpool home and his mum had never seen him play before. Ray Goddard also makes his League debut and Jerry McAloon signed from Brentford during the week makes his debut.
Position: 2nd.