Manchester United (H) 1957/58

Saturday 28 September 1957 at Molineux (Att 48,825)
Wolves (0) 3 (Deeley 63 68, Wilshaw 70): Finlayson, Showell, Harris, Clamp, Wright, Flowers, Deeley, Brodbent, Murray, Wilshaw, Mullen.
Manchester United (1) 1 (Doherty 89): Wood, Faulkes, McGuinness, Goodwin, Blanchflower, Edwards, Berry, Doherty, Taylor, Charlton, Pegg.

Referee: Mr B.Griffiths (Newport, Monmouthshire).
Illness: Wolves were missing Eddie Stuart, whilst United were missing Roger Byrne, Ted Colman, Dennis Viollet and Bill Whelan all with flu.
Landmark: Jimmy Mullen makes his 400th League appearance.
Position: 2nd.