Newcastle United (a) 1901/02

Saturday 15 March 1902 at St James’ Park (Att 7,000)

Wolves (0) 1 (Beats*): Baddeley, J.Jones, Walker, Whitehouse, Pheasant, Annis, Fellows, Haywood, Beats, Wooldridge, Miller.
Newcastle United (1) 3 (Rutherford 7, Veitch 65, Rutherford*): Kingsley, Bennie, D.Gardner, A.Gardner, Aitken, Carr, Stewart, Rutherford, Orr, Veith, Graham.

Order of Goals: n,n,n,W.
Penalty: With the game goalless Gardner hand balled. Pheasant took the kick and Kingsley tipped the ball over the crossbar.
Position: 6th.