Newcastle United (H) 1959/60

Saturday 31 October 1959 at St. James Park (Att 33,999)
Wolves (2) 2 (Broadbent 40s, Murray 2): Finlayson, Kelly, Harris, Slater, Stuart, Flowers, Deeley, Mason, Murray, Broadbent, Horne.
Newcastle United (0) 0: S.Mitchell, McKinney, McMichael, Scoular, Stokoe, Bell, Hughes, Eastham, White, Allchurch, B.Michell.

Referee: Mr F.Gerrard (Preston).
Injury: Malcolm Finlayson in the 64th minutes was knocked unconscious after colliding with the feet of Gordon Hughes. He was ready to resume playing after a few minutes.
Landmark: Ron Flowers makes his 200th League appearance.
Position: 2nd.