Notts County (H) 1899/00

Saturday 13 January 1899 at Molineux (Att 4,500)

Wolves (1) 2 (Pheasant*p, Bowen*): Baddeley, Matthias, Blackett, Griffiths, Pheasant, Fleming, Harper, Owen, Bowen, Worton, Miller.
Notts County (1) 2 (Goss*, Chalmers 55): Suter, Prescott, Montgomery, Ball, Bull, McDonald, Hadley, Maconnachie, McMain, Goss, Chalmers.

Referee: Mr G. Capes (Burton-on-Trent).
Order of Goals: n,W,n,W.
Penalty: Awarded for handball as a result of a County player punching the ball clear from a corner.
Position: 3rd.