Wednesday (a) 1900/01

Tuesday 1 January 1901 at Owlerton (Att 10,000)

Wolves (0) 0: Baddeley, Walker, Matthias, Annis, Pheasant, Fleming, Bowen, Harper, Beats, Wooldridge, Miller.
Wednesday (1) 2 (Wright 41, Pryce 60): Massey, Layton, Langley, Ferrier, Crawshaw, Ruddlesdin, Davis, Pryce, Wilson, Wright, Malloch.

Referee: Mr T. Kirkham (Burslem).
Penalty: Awarded after 59 minutes was missed by Ted Pheasant. Wednesday also went straight up the other end and scored.
Benefit Match: A collection was taken for Ambrose Langley with a total of £14 1s 4.5d being raised.
Position: 13th.