Southampton (a) 1965/66

Saturday 18 September 1965 at The Dell (Att 23,226)
Wolves (2) 3 (Knapp 35s og, Woodruff 12, Knowles 54): MacLaren, J.Wilson, Thomson, Flowers, Woodfield, Miller, Wharton, Woodfruff, McIlmoyle, Knowles, Wagstaffe, sub Hunt.
Southampton (5) 9 (Chivers 3 33 47 50, Sydenham 11 51, Paine 25 60, O’Brien 29): Godfrey, Jones, Williams, Walker, Knapp, Huxford, Paine, O’Brien, Melia, Chivers, Sydenham, sub Wimshurst.

Referee: Mr A.Dimond (Harlow).
Order of Goals: W,s,W,s,s,s,s,s,s,s,W,s.
Management: Assistant manager Joe Gardiner and coach Ronnie Allen were in charge of the team as manager Andy Beattie was due to the leave the club two days later.
Record: This is the most goals netted by Southampton in a League match.
Position: 14th.