Stockport County (a) 1912/13

Saturday 29 March 2913 at Edgeley Park (Att 3,500)
Wolves (0) 1 (Halligan 60): Peers, Collins, Garratly, Price, Brookes, Bishop, Harrison, Groves, Halligan, Needham, Brooks.
Stockport County (5) 5 (Garrett 4, Davies 8 12, Rodgers 10, O’Brien 45): Bird, Fagen, Graham, Tattersall, Garnett, Chivers, Crossthwaite, Rodgers, Smith, Davies, O’Brien.

Referee: Mr J. Pearson (Crewe).
Weather conditions were atrocious and Wolves played against a heavy wind in the first-half.
Remembrance: County wore black arm bands in memory of the late County star and center-half Jimmy Blair; he had made his last appearance for the Edgeley Park club just three weeks before.
Exploration: Captain Robert Falcon Scott and two companions, Dr. Wilson and Lieutenant Bowers are all found dead just ten miles from safety. They were returning from the South Pole after being beaten there by Norwegian Roald Amundsen.
Position: 9th.