Stoke (H) 1899/00

Saturday 7 October 1899 at Molineux (Att 8,000)

Wolves (0) 0: Baddeley, Tuft, Blackett, Nurse, Pheasant, Fleming, Bryan, Harper, Beats, Worton, Miller.
Stoke (2) 2 (Higginson 15, Maxwell 20): Wilkes, Robertson, Eccles, Parsons, Holford, Bradley, Johnson, Kennedy, Higginson, Maxwell,Turner.

Referee: Mr G. Capes (Burton-on-Trent).
Newspaper: Some reports suggest that Billy Maxwell also netted Stoke’s first goal.
History: Just four days after this match, The Boers ‘of South Africa’ declaired war on Great Britian.
Position: 8th.