Sunderland (H) 1902/03

Saturday 6 September 1902 at Molineux (Att 5,000)
Wolves (2) 3 (Wooldridge 5, Beats 43p, Smith 85): Baddeley, Jones, Betteley, Whitehouse, Pheasant, Annis, Fellows, Smith, Beats, Wooldridge, Miller.
Sunderland (2) 3 (Gemmell*, Maxwell*, Maxwell 65): Doig, McCombie, Watson, Farquahar, McAlister, Jackson, W.Hogg, Gemmell, Millar, Maxwell, McLatchie.

Referee: Mr J.Stott (Rawstenstall).
Order of Goals: W,s,s,W,s,W.
Penalty: Awarded against McCombie for tripping Beats.
Newspaper: Some reports have Miller as scoring Wolves first goal.
Position: 3rd.