West Bromwich Albion (H) 1902/03 BCCF

Birmingham Cup (Final) Monday 24 November 1902 at Aston Lower Gardens (Att 4,500)
Wolves (2) 3 (Haywood 12 44, Smith 75): Baddeley, Jones, Betteley, Whitehouse, Walker, Annis, Fellows, Haywood, Smith, Wooldridge, Miller.
West Bromwich Albion (2) 2 (Lee 4, Simmons*): Webb, Kifford, Adams, Nurse, Stevenson, Hadley, McLean, Simmons, Lee, Worton, Smith.

Referee: Mr J.Adams.
Order of Goals: w,W,w,W,W.
Injuries: Both Wolves and Albion ended the match with just ten players, after injuries to Smith and Simmons.
Newspaper: Some reports have Hayward as scoring all Wolves goals.