Wigan Athletic (a) 1985/86

Saturday 3 May 1986 at Springfield Park (4,029)
Wolves (1) 3 (Dougherty 4, Mutch 56, Edwards 59): Flowers, Stoutt, Chapman, Streete, Clarke, Dougherty, Purdie, Holmes, Mutch, D.Edwards, Lockhart, sub Raynes.
Wigan Athletic (3) 5 (Aspinall 12p 21 75p, Walsh 26, Barrow 78): Tunks, Cribley, Knowles, Walsh (Jewell 69), Beesley, Methven, Lowe, Barrow, Aspinall, Langley, Griffiths.

Referee: Mr K. Hackett (Sheffield).
Order of Goals: W,w,w,w,W,W,w,w.
Penalties: The first was awarded for a foul by Nicky Clarke on Warren Aspinall and the second for a foul by Steve Stoutt.
Position: 24th.