1918/19 Wartime

President: Brigadier General TE Hickman MP; Vice President: Mr Charles Crump.

Committee: AG Jeffs (Chairman), TH Sidney, Lieut I Sparrow, E Barker, Dr Wolverson, Major AJ Holloway, F Hollins.
Secretary Manager: Jack Addenbrooke.
Trainers: Albert Fletcher, Jackery Jones; Jack Davies.

Playing Squad: Tommy Allen, William Bate, Alfred Bishop, Schubert Bourne, Samuel Brooks, Albert Cooksley, Fredrick Curtis, S Davies, G Dunn, Albert Fletcher, George Garratly, John Green, S Green, F Griffiths, Albert Groves, Billy Harrison, Thomas Howe, Harry Howell, Howard Humphries, Kenneth Hunt, John Jones, Tansey Lea, Jack Needham, George Parfitt, Teddy Peers, Freddie Price, H Pugh, Dick Richards, Alf Riley, Bert Smart, F Tandy, William Young.

Club Finances: Overall profit of £4 9s 1d.


26 (H) Charity Details


15 (H) Derby County D 1-1 Details
29 (a) West Bromwich Albion W 1-0 Details


5 (H) Aston Villa D 1-1 Details
12 (a) Aston Villa W 5-2 Details
19 (a) Derby County L 0-4 Details
21 (H) West Bromwich Albion D 1-1 Details


Served during the Hostilities

Blunt, Walter (Killed in action).
Crabtree, Jack
Dowdeswell, Thomas
Garratly, George
Groves, Albert (British Army)
Juggins, Ted (British Army (Gunner) 123rd Siege Battery RGA)
Needham, Archie
Needham, Jack
Price, Freddy
Robotham, Harry (British Army 23rd (Service) Battalion, Middlesex Regiment. He was killed in action 12 September 1916. Harry’s body was never found, and he is listed on the Memorial of the missing of the Somme at Thiepval).
Shelton, Jack (British Army Lincolnshire Regiment 10th (Service Battalion (Grimsby) 2nd Battalion).