1936/37 First Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves Youth

President: Sir Charles Mander.

Directors: AH Oakley, (Chairman), JS Baker, J Evans, Major AJ Holloway, B Matthews, Councillor TW Simpson, C Tildesley, JT Howley (Assistant Secretary).
Secretary Manager: Major Frank Buckley.
Coach: Jack Davies.
Captain: Stan Cullis.

Playing Staff: George Ashall, Thomas Ashcroft, Badford, Arthur Bailey, Albert Banks, William Barron, John Bedford, Ronald Bevan, Kenneth Bird, Anthony Bond, John Booth, William Bowen, William Boyle, James Bradburn, William Bradshaw, George Brock, Cyril Broome, Henry Brown, Jackie Brown, James Bullians, Leslie Cantrill, Joseph Case, Fred Chadwick, Charles Clayton, James Clayton, Cleavin, Bill Coley, John Coley, Colin Collindridge, Dennis Cooper, Alfred Cottam, Stan Cullis, Jack Curnow, Thomas Darkin, Gerald Darvill, Leonard Davies, Joe Davies, Edwards Davies, Sidney Davies, Davis, Dodds, Dickie Dorsett, Jack Dowen, Arthur Eccles, Dan Edwards, Emmanuel, Gallacher, Tom Galley, Joe Gardiner, Henry Gessey, Billy Gold, Eric Goldstein, Gorton, Gowett, Frederick Graham, Edward Gray, Walter Griffiths, Frederick Griffiths, Leonard Griffiths, Henry Grubb, Thomas Hamlett, Gordon Harris, Harvey, Sidney Haynes, Frederick Hayward, George Heppell, Samuel Hillman, Frank Holdcroft, Trevor Holland, Norman Hubbert, Jack Hyde, Bob Iverson, Bryn Jones, E Jones, Raymond Jones, David Jordan, Walter Jowett, Arthur Julian, Arthur Keeley, John Kirkham, George Laking, Arthur Lees, Horace Lowbridge, Billy Lucas, Stanley Lumley, Teddy Maguire, John Male, Marchment, Aubrey Marsh, James Marsh, Albert Martin, Leonard Mattocks, Jack McDonald, Alexander McIntosh, Dennis Mercer, Middleton, Clifford Midwood, George Millband, Arthur Mitchell, George Mordue, Harry Morgan, Bill Morris, Thomas Nevitt, Thomas Noble, Jackie Oakes, Cyril Ordish, Eric Parkes, William Parrish, Frank Perfect, Henry Picton, Cyril Poole, Pope, Wilfred Price, Victor Pulfrey, Robert Purcell, Bob Redfearn, Arthur Rhodes, Arthur Roberts, Samuel Roberts, Frederick Rogers, Jack Rowley, Jake Ruecroft, Alex Scott, Cecil Shaw, Clarence Shaw, Kenneth Shaw, Skinn, Tom Smalley, Leslie Smallman, Osborne Smith, Charles Smith, Raymond Stanley, Aldwyne Statham, John Sweeney, Jack Taylor, Eden Taylor, Frank Taylor, John Taylor, Harry Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Thomas Timmins, Tranter, Tweeds, Donald Twells, Leonard Uren, James Wale, Walford, Tom Waring, Jack Weare, Dennis Westcott, James Westwood, Guy Wharton, Fred White, John Whittaker, Thomas Williams, Harold Williams {I}, Harold Williams {II}, John Wilson, Fred Wilson, John J Wilson, Wood, Billy Wrigglesworth, Ray Wright.

Club Finances: Record Profits for second consecutive season of Net Profit £21,105; Gross Profit: £32,741; Dividend: 7½ percent.

Ground Improvements: During the summer of 1936, a new clock was installed in the Molineux Street Stand and 14 new turnstiles are added to the Hotel End.

End of Season Tour: Wolves were refused because of the poor disciplinary record during the season. They were replaced by Leicester City.


15 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
22 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
29 (a) Manchester United D 1-1 Details
31 (H) Middlesbrough L 0-1 Details


5 (H) Sheffield Wednesday W 4-3 Details
9 (a) Middlesbrough L 0-1 Details
12 (a) Preston North End W 3-1 Details
19 (H) Arsenal W 2-0 Details
23 (a) Derby County L 1-5 Details
26 (a) Brentford L 2-3 Details


3 (H) Bolton Wanderers L 2-3 Details
10 (a) Everton L 0-1 Details
17 (a) West Bromwich Albion L 1-2 Details
24 (H) Manchester City W 2-1 Details
31 (a) Portsmouth D 1-1 Details


7 (H) Chelsea L 1-2 Details
14 (a) Stoke City L 1-2 Details
21 (H) Charlton Athletic W 6-1 Details
23 (H) Paui Kavalski Gradjenski Sportski Klub L 2-4 Details [Friendly]
28 (a) Grimsby Town D 1-1 Details


5 (H) Liverpool W 2-0 Details
12 (a) Leeds United A-A Details
19 (H) Birmingham W 2-1 Details
25 (H) Huddersfield Town W 3-1 Details
26 (H) Manchester United W 3-1 Details
28 (a) Huddersfield Town L 0-4 Details


2 (a) Sheffield Wednesday W 3-1 Details
6 (a) Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic Details [Friendly]
9 (H) Preston North End W 5-0 Details
16 (H) Middlesbrough W 6-1 Details [FAC3]
23 (a) Arsenal L 0-3 Details
30 (H) Sheffield United D 2-2 Details [FAC4]


4 (a) Sheffield United W 2-1 Details [FAC4R]
6 (a) Bolton Wanderers W 2-1 Details
10 (H) Brentford W 4-0 Details
13 (H) Everton W 7-2 Details
20 (a) Grimsby Town D 1-1 Details [FAC5]
24 (H) Grimsby Town W 6-2 Details [FAC5R]
27 (a) Manchester City L 1-4 Details


6 (H) Sunderland D 1-1 Details [FAC6]
10 (a) Sunderland D 2-2 Details [FAC6R]
13 (a) Chelsea W 1-0 Details
15 (N) Sunderland L 0-4 Details [FAC6R]
17 (H) Portsmouth D 1-1 Details
20 (H) Stoke City W 2-1 Details
26 (a) Sunderland L 2-6 Details
27 (a) Charlton Athletic L 0-4 Details
29 (H) Sunderland D 1-1 Details


3 (H) Grimsby Town W 5-2 Details
10 (a) Liverpool L 0-1 Details
14 (H) West Bromwich Albion W 5-2 Details
17 (H) Leeds United W 3-0 Details
21 (a) Leeds United W 1-0 Details
24 (a) Birmingham L 0-1 Details
26 (a) Bohemians W 7-2 Details [Friendly]
28 (a) Glenavon D 3-3 Details [Friendly]


1 (H) Derby County W 3-1 Details