1920/21 Second Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves

President: Brigadier General TE Hickman MP.
Vice Presidents: Sir Charles Mander, Mr Charles Crump.

Committee: AG Jeffs (Chairman), E Barker, FT Hollins, Major A Holloway.
Secretary Manager: Jack Addenbrooke.
Trainer: Elijah Morse, Jackery Jones, Jack Davies.
Captain: Val Gregory.

Playing Staff: William Arrowsmith, Harry Barker, Dickie Baugh, Horance Bird, Sydney Blunt, Breedon, Ernest Brooks, Frank Burrill, Herbert Butterworth, Clarence Caddick, Bill Caddick, Samual Channon, Samuel Clay, Albert Cooksley, Fred Crowe, Eric Cutler, George Edmonds, George Garratly, Frank George, Jimmy Gill, Samuel Goodby, David Green, Val Gregory, Frank Hales, William Hampton, Billy Harrison, Frederick Hartland, Hickman, Joe Hodnett, William Holmes, Kenneth Hunt, Arthur Johnson, Joseph Jones, Tansey Lea, Fred Leary, Harold Marshall, James Morgan, Percy Newell, Newey, Stephen Osborne, Teddy Peers, John Potter, Arnold Potts, Freddie Price, Jack Price, Dick Richards, Alf Riley, Harold Rocke, Leonard Roper, Jack Sambrook, Bert Smart, David Stokes, Harry Taylor, James Tennant, Albert Thomas, Arthur Wardroper, Richard Whitehouse, Maurice Woodward, Francis Wragge, William Young.

Clubs Finances: Receipts: £48,401 8s 5d, Expenditure: £41,402 9s 3d, Profit: £7,298 19s 2d (a club record to 1921), Balance standing to the credit of the club: £1,049 0s 4d, Total Credit over the previous year: £8,347 19s 6d.

Ground Improvements: During the summer of 1920 and having taken out a twenty-one year lease on Molineux the clubs directors launch a scheme of ground improvements. The Cycle track will be removed, and a new barrier put up five yards from the touch line. Banking is also being added with a result of 10,000 spectators being accommodated.


21 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
28 (a) Fulham 0-2 Details
30 (H) West Ham United 1-2 Details


4 (H) Fulham 1-0 Details
6 (a) West Ham United 0-1 Details
11 (H) Bury 2-1 Details
18 (a) Bury 1-3 Details
25 (H) Bristol City 0-0 Details


2 (a) Bristol City 0-2 Details
9 (H) Barnsley 1-1 Details
16 (a) Barnsley 2-3 Details
23 (H) Rotherham County 3-0 Details
30 (a) Rotherham County 0-1 Details


6 (H) Birmingham 0-3 Details
13 (a) Birmingham 1-4 Details
20 (H) Port Vale 2-2 Details
27 (a) Port Vale 3-2 Details


4 (a) South Shields 2-1 Details
11 (H) South Shields 3-0 Details
18 (a) Hull City 1-0 Details
25 (a) Stockport County 2-1 Details
27 (H) Stockport County 2-0 Details


1 (H) Hull City 1-3 Details
8 (H) Stoke 3-2 Details [FAC1]
15 (H) Leeds United 3-0 Details
22 (a) Leeds United 0-3 Details
22 (H) International Details
29 (a) Derby County 1-1 Details [FAC2]


3 (H) Derby County 1-0 Details [FAC2R]
5 (a) Nottingham Forest 1-1 Details
12 (H) Coventry City 1-0 Details
14 (H) Nottingham Forest 2-1 Details
19 (a) Fulham 1-0 Details [FAC3]
24 (a) Coventry City 0-4 Details
26 (H) Stoke 3-3 Details


5 (a) Everton 1-0 Details [FAC4]
10 (a) Stoke 0-1 Details
12 (H) Wednesday 1-2 Details
19 (N) Cardiff City 0-0 Details [FACsf]
23 (N) Cardiff City 3-1 Details [FACsfR]
25 (a) Clapton Orient 1-0 Details
26 (a) Notts County 1-2 Details
28 (H) Clapton Orient 0-2 Details


2 (H) Notts County 1-0 Details
9 (a) Blackpool 0-3 Details
11 (a) Wednesday 0-6 Details
16 (H) Blackpool 3-1 Details
23 (N) Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Details [FACf]
28 (a) Leicester City 0-0 Details
30 (H) Leicester City 3-0 Details


2 (a) Cardiff City 0-2 Details
7 (H) Cardiff City 1-3 Details